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Your gas suppression system will only work effectively if the room containing your IT or electronic equipment has only limited leakage. If the room leaks, the fire suppression agent will escape before the fire is effectively controlled.

With any gas fire suppression system – such as Inergen, Novec or FM200 – the room must be sufficiently air tight to hold these gases at the designed concentration while they suppress the fire. Building joints and cable penetrations move over time introducing leak points that may not be noticed during normal building inspections. Building maintenance activities may also inadvertently create places where gases can leak. That is why World Standard AS1851-2005 “Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment” requires an Enclosure Integrity Test each year. Vigilant facility managers take their duty of care seriously and checks that all parts of the fire detection and suppression system are ready to respond to protect critical assets.

Our Room Integrity Testing calculates the leak tightness of a room. It predicts how long the extinguishing agent will remain at the correct concentration to effectively suppress the fire. Testing is quick and unintrusive. Room Integrity Testing can be organized at a time that will not disrupt your normal operations. It is an essential, yet simple, component of your fire protection regime.


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