Fire Ball Extinguisher is an automatic operated Extinguisher, with effective results and proper safety.

A revolutionary ball-shaped fire extinguisher that self-activates within 3-5 seconds of being touched by flame, effectively dispersing extinguishing agent.

FireX Fire Extinguisher Ball is in no way a competition or replacement to fire extinguishers, but a surplus to your current firefighting equipment.

This device aims to extinguish the fire before you even need to use a fire extinguisher.


  • Simple, easy and safe for use
  • Light Weight, Anyone can use it ( children, elderly people )
  • Suitable for any common fire ( CLASS A, B, C, E, K )
  • Non-hazardous to humans and the environment.
  • No annual service/maintenance required
  • No corrosion to electrical equipment
  • Only self activates when in contact with flame
  • Passively Operational 24/7 (Best suited for un-attended areas)
  • Alarm – loud noise on detonation, alerts nearby people
  • No ballistic hazard or concussive shock from explosive burst
Fire Extinguisher Type A B C Dry Powder Type
Capacity 2Kg
Diameter 147MM
Brand AFO
Fire Class A
Material Carbon Steel
Usage/Application Industrial
Certification Other
Color RED
Weight 1.5KG
Dimension Millimetres 150MM
Discharge Time 3-5 Second
Working Pressure 70 degree